Since launching at the start of the year, the IWW Couriers Network has grown across the UK with couriers fed up with exploitative working practices and poor pay, terms and conditions deciding to join the IWW Couriers Network to fight for a better deal!

Branches of the network up and down the country have been busy over the last couple of months and below is a round-up of all the latest news.  If you are a courier and want to organise in your own area, get in touch with [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk and we can get you started!

A PDF version of the newsletter is available here.


IWW Couriers Network rides in memory of courier killed in US

25th May: Members of the IWW Couriers Network organised a memorial ride for a courier killed on the job in the US at the start of the month. Pablo Avendano, from Philadelphia, was hit by a car whilst delivering for the food platform Caviar and tragically died from his injuries. He was a passionate advocate for workers’ rights, as well as racial and economic equality.

The network cycled in Pablo’s memory, highlighted to the public the dangers of courier work and held a demonstration in solidarity with Pablo’s friends and family who are calling for better safety provision for couriers. An injury to one is an injury to all.

UberEATS improves after pressure from Couriers Network Cymru

17th April: After receiving a set of demands from Couriers Network Cymru (the Welsh branch of the IWW Couriers Network), Uber sent representatives from their central office to Cardiff to meet with Couriers (twice!!). Since the meeting Uber:

  • have updated the number of delivery zones in Cardiff from 2 to 4 – spreading things more evenly!
  • are working on improving the Apps map routing – making it safer for couriers!
  • are working to implement changes to make sure customers need to input their address – making it easier for couriers!
  • has added an additional boost zone between 12:00 and 12:30 – more money!

The network is still working hard to push Uber and Deliveroo to increase pay rates to make sure we all earn a fair wage. Our strength is in numbers, we CAN do this!! Let’s work together and show a united front – join the network (it’s free!) and lets fight back and get a better deal for what we do!!

Couriers Network Scotland deliver letter of demand about excessive waiting times

7th May: Members of the Couriers Network Scotland delivered a letter of demand to the Maryhill McDonalds Restaurant in response to excessive waiting times – often over 45 minutes – when waiting to pick up orders in thee Glasgow Restaurant.

Along with their demand, the letter from the Network in Glasgow warned McDonalds in Maryhill: “If we do not feel that satisfactory improvements are made we will consider further action including: speaking to customers directly about the issue, organising a concerted boycott of the restaurant by all UberEATS couriers”

Edinburgh joins the IWW Couriers Network!

5th May: Hot on the heels of Glasgow joining the wider couriers network, Couriers in Edinburgh got in touch with IWW Couriers Campaign HQ to enquire about joining the fight!!

Fed up with low pay, poor waiting times and no respect from Deliveroo or UberEATS they wanted to fight for change!!

Meeting with the lead organisers at the start of May, a group of around 10 Couriers in the city decided enough was enough and voted to join the growing IWW Couriers Network.

Alongside Cardiff and Glasgow, Edinburgh now counts as the third city to join the growing movement for a better deal for couriers. Rumour has it that Bristol may be next!