“Union against Fascism!
Fascism will not pass!”


Where are the words of the black berruriers today? ‘Never again 20%’, we exceeded 30% last night, and this can be seen everywhere in Europe.
This result is only possible because of the many authoritarian, security-conscious and reactionary policies of our past governments, both left and right.

Anti-fascism must now be the fight that leads the struggle of all workers throughout Europe and the world. Fascism is the coffin of the workers, giving full power to the multinationals and the big capitalist profiteers who see their current system collapsing and who play the fascist card to keep themselves in power.

It also costs all the minorities who are already oppressed: the LGBTI+ community, racialised people, women, the most precarious…

Let’s reject this society based on hatred, death and disaster!

We call on all our comrades, ideologically near and far, to unite, to create a real popular front, to organise anti-fascist demonstrations, against austerity, and in defence of minorities. We’ll be there, and with all the passion you know!