We are a new and vibrant branch active in the North-East of England from the Scottish Borders to the River Tees, with groups of members spread out throughout the area.


The branch is currently active in case work representing Fellow Workers as well as showing solidarity with the homless of the North East by handing out essentials during the Winter months. We have a collection of case reps and are training more throughout the year to ensure we could best represent our Fellow Workers.

Details of Meetings:

We have a general meeting at the beginning of every month held at Goodspace, Commercial Union House in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. As well as seperate, smaller meetings throughout the month in different locations. If you can not attend meetings we decide issues/plans/ideas on the online Loomio platform to encourage everybody to have their say and feel included in the running of the branch.

For any further details please contact us.

Solidarity Forever!