Northumbria IWW are a vibrant branch active in the North-East of England from the Scottish Borders to the River Tees, with groups of members spread out throughout the area. We have been active in the community since 2018 and our diverse membership have assisted in a number of causes both locally and globally.

Workplace Representation

Northumbria IWW has a selection of workplace reps that can advise and represent workers in a variety of cases. We also offer rep training and a view inside the work of helping your fellow workers

Branch Member Support

If you or a fellow worker requires any financial support please get in touch; northumbria [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk and we may be able to help out.

Workplace Organising

Northumbria IWW have hosted workplace organising courses to the wider union as well as branch specific, if you would like to learnt he tools to rebalance the power in your workplace you can attend one of those courses hosted regularly throughout the year.

Details of Meetings:

We have a general meeting at the beginning of every month held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. As well as seperate, smaller meetings throughout the month in different locations. If you can not attend meetings we decide issues/plans/ideas on the online Loomio platform to encourage everybody to have their say and feel included in the running of the branch.

During COVID lockdown we have had regular meetings on Jitsi.

For any further details please contact us.

Solidarity Forever!