Toby Shone is an anarchist prisoner and a member of the IWW Incarcerated Worker’s Organising Committee (IWOC) being held at HMP Garth in the UK.

Toby has been repeatedly harassed and subjected to repression and increased isolation by the prison system because he has refused to be silent about his political beliefs. He was initially held at HMP Bristol but was subsequently moved to Garth to disrupt in person contact and solidarity by friends and supporters. Mail has been routinely withheld from Toby and several contacts, including IWOC union reps, have now been banned from any form of communication with him.

The head of security at HMP Garth claims that these restrictions are a matter of ‘National Security’. However it is clear that in reality this is just a tactic of repression to prevent information about the conditions of prisoners from being shared with organisations like IWOC and the Anarchist Black Cross.

Toby recently participated in the IWW 2024 annual conference via a voice message recorded by an IWOC union rep. Toby spoke about the importance of building our capacity and support for abolitionist struggle within the UK prison system and in particular called for a campaign against the exploitation of prisoners labour and to tackle appalling conditions.

Because of his beliefs and his participation in unionism Toby has been targeted and isolated from many of his friends and contacts.

The IWW strongly condemns the actions of the prison authorities for their persecution of Toby Shone.

We Underline that every worker, including those thousands held in prisons, should have the right to be members of and participate in the business of trade unions. This must include the ability to speak with a union rep of their choosing.

We call upon our members, friends and allies to demonstrate solidarity with Toby Shone, such as by writing to him, a letter a day or as many as you can, until these restrictions on Toby’s communication are lifted.

Let’s flood the prisons with our solidarity and make it clear that Toby Shone is not and will never be alone.

Write to Toby:

Toby Shone A7645EP, HMP Garth,
Ulnes Walton, Leyland, PR26 8NE