We are a growing, tight-knit group, of Wobblies (members of the Industrial Workers of the World). Located around Guildford, and the surrounding areas.


We’ve built bonds and ties with members of our class; in workplaces around the
area, and in our communities.

Our members are from a range of backgrounds, all united in class struggle and solidarity, all are welcome in our One Big Union.

We’ve had workplace place victories, and engaged in a number of successful industrial disputes and direct actions. With a very successful mutual aid network that has continually grown, distributing basic health and safety; necessities to workers and the most dispossessed.

Even aided in the founding of a new Regional Organizing Committee, in a new continent!

We are administratively part of the London General Membership Branch. https://iww.org.uk/london/

If you would like to get into contact with us, you can message us on facebook using the search-bar: Guildford IWW General Membership Branch.

We are setting up an encrypted email address, to ensure all data is secure, this will be ready shortly.

Why not join us?
Why not join the Industrial Workers of the World?

… most importantly… do you at least reckon you deserve a few more quid, for your hard work?

Are you being worked to death?
…Fight to live!



(We reject the social conservatism of portions of the left in the UK, trans-misogyny in particular, and the discourses, groups/sects, publications, pushing these ideas. Whilst combating these ideas, we recognize it’s important to listen to all workers, and there is an appropriate time and place to both question, ask questions and challenge these ideas, as workers).