All members of the IWW agree to study the aims and constitution of the union. This page lists the most important documents. Your own branch may also have its own rules and policies, which should not contradict the documents listed here.

The Preamble

The Preamble is the founding document and statement of principles and visions for the IWW.

It has not changed considerably since the union’s founding conference in Chicago, 1905. In the context of intensifying employer and government crackdowns on our hard-won pay and conditions, the Preamble resonates as strongly in the contemporary period as it did when it was first written.

Due to its historical importance, the Preamble tends to preface all other documents relating to the union’s aims and constitution.

International Guiding Principles and Rules

The IWW aims to organise all workers, throughout the world. The International Guiding Principles and Rules set out how the different Regional Administrations of the IWW work together.

Amendments to the International Guiding Rules and Principles are voted on by IWW members in every Regional Administration and Regional Organising Committee. Proposed amendments require two thirds of all votes cast in order to pass.

Rule Book

Our Regional Administration has its own Rule Book, distinct from other Regional Administrations.

Rules are created or changed by IWW members – either through a referendum, or at the union’s annual delegate conference. Changes to the Rule Book require a two thirds of all votes cast in order to pass.

Manual of Policy and Procedure

To support our rules, our Regional Administration also has a Manual of Policy and Procedure.

Policies may not contradict our rules, and are created or changed at the union’s annual delegate conference, or by delegates from each branch – the Delegate Executive Council.

Procedures may not contradict our rules and policies, and document how policies are put into practice. Procedures are created or changed by the Delegate Executive Council or by officers of the Regional Administration.