Who We Are

Brighton IWW serves Brighton, Hove and wider Sussex. This includes Brighton Courier’s Network and Brighton TEFL Worker’s union. We are currently developing a Health and Social Care Worker’s Industrial Union.



Brighton IWW has trained reps to advise, support and represent members.

We have an active membership and hold regular pickets, protests, campaigns and actions.

You can contact us at: brighton [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk



We meet on the first Thursday of each month between 7.30 PM until 9.00 PM. Our meetings are held at the Cowley Club.

Cowley Club
12 London Road



As a branch, we meet regularly to discuss campaigns and casework so details are sent to members by email.

Because of social distancing, all our meetings are currently online, so joining links are emailed to members.

So that our spaces remain radical, all Brighton IWW meetings and events are safe spaces. We work closely with other radical groups and unions throughout Brighton and Hove. As a result, we are a founding member of the Brighton Rebel Alliance. 


Organising and Campaigning

We are a union for all workers in all industries. This includes students, zero hour workers and migrant workers. We also support health and social care workers, and hospitality workers.

The branch works closely with other local groups so we engage in a lot of solidarity action.


Contact Us

Outside meetings, we use Whatsapp, Signal and Slack. If you’d like to join these forums, send us your name, X-number, email address and preferred mode of contact.

Brighton IWW is also on social media:
Twitter (@IWWBrighton)
Instagram (IWWBrighton)


You can email us at: brighton [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk

Our branch secretary is Julian. You can email Julian at: brighton.secretary [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk