Language House London has sacked all staff and refused to pay their wages. In response, the IWW TEFL Workers’ Union has organised a week of action.


This is the final day of the week of action against Language House.  Myself and my colleagues want to thank you all for your help so far. Our collective efforts on Thursday had a powerful effect: managing director of the company, Loredana Bolba, actually decided to call me…in order to tell us to stop our ‘nonsense’ and again, to be *patient*…In addition to this I contacted the school manager, Joao Alves, who responded to our demands with a dismissive: ‘Good Luck! So this gives you some flavour on the characters we are dealing with.


For the 5th day of action I want to call on all of you to target Toni Cammarota’s two other businesses by leaving Google reviews for:


Toni’s Cakes and More


And Meat Me Wrap Me:



When: Friday 10th of April, all day.


What to do:


Leave Google reviews for the two businesses above and leave reviews on their tripadvisor pages:


Google filters out similar reviews (and reviews that contain links) so please use variations on the templates below or write your own from scratch.


The owner of this business, Toni Cammarota, also owns a Language school in central London where the entire staff have been fired, had their last month’s wages stolen and he has refused all communication.

Say NO to wage theft! It’s time to pay up,Toni!


Toni Cammarota, who owns this business, is currently refusing to pay his staff at Language House London, the payments are over a month late and he is refusing all communication with his, now collectively unemployed, staff!

The IWW does not accept wage theft – PAY YOUR STAFF!



Leave reviews and comments on all websites and social media. Let Language House know:




Full information here: