The IWW extends our solidarity to the Stansted 15 (one of whom is a longstanding member of our union) who were found guilty of offences under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act which carry lengthy prison sentences. We are particularly concerned that one of the 15 activists is pregnant. We demand that she is not given a fine, or sentenced in such a way that would separate her from her baby.

On March 28th 2017, 15 activists blocked the deportation of detainees to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone by locking themselves together surrounding a plane, and preventing it from reaching the runway. This was a charter flight – a flight booked by the Home Office, then filled with migrants who have been detained in prison-like detention and removal centres.

Eleven of the detainees are still in the UK because of the brave actions of these activists. One has been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain, and others are pursuing their cases in court.

It is clear that the CPS pressed for these unprecedented charges to scare others who would take peaceful, effective direct action against the hostile environment. Our members see the effects of anti-migrant policies in their workplaces, through low wages, bullying and harassment. Workers who fear detention and deportation are vulnerable to cruel exploitation by their bosses.

Despite this, documented and undocumented migrant workers are leading the fight for better pay and conditions. The IWW are proud to be part of this fight, we support those like the Stansted 15 who risk their safety and liberty in our joint struggle.

Against borders, against bosses! Justice for the Stansted 15!