No long sentences


This website is One Big Website for the whole of the IWW in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England (WISE-RA for short). This is a collaborative effort and we encourage all Fellow Workers (our term for IWW members) to get involved. Please contact your branch if you would like training to help you contribute.

These guidelines are to help contributors ensure that all their additions meet what is regarded as acceptable on this website. Remember, if you wish simply to express a personal opinion, then you would do better to use your own website. This is an IWW website and should be used to express the viewpoint of the union.

  • Always use polite language
  • Check with any fellow worker or other activist you mention, before mentioning them, even if they are not directly named
  • Seek advice before posting any material which might be considered libellous. Yes, your boss may have done something outrageous, but let’s concentrate on winning the struggle, not getting caught up in a libel case.
  • Keep the language straightforward.
  • Use words in general use.
  • Use jargon sparingly, and always explain what a term means when first used.
  • Write out the full name of any set of initials when first used.
  • Remember, Wobblies don’t like long sentences.


Do not cut and paste or other ways add text or media without checking copyright first. Please ensure that no material you add breaches copyright law. Please check Fair dealing in United Kingdom law for the circumstances when limited use of copyright material is allowable. Fair dealing never includes photographs.

Some photographs are available under creative commons license. For example see Wikimedia Commons. This material can added by cutting and pasting some html code which fulfils the attribution requirements


If in doubt, don’t!

By contributing material to this website you grant the IWW an irrevocable license to freely be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon. If you wish to release your material more generally you can add a creative commons license to do so. Seven commonly used license can be seen here. If you do not sign an article, the article will be attributed to the IWW.

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