Are there things you would like to improve about your workplace?
Are you the only union member in your workplace?
Would you like others to join?


The IWW has launched the YOUR JOB, YOUR UNION programme to help you address those very issues!

YOUR JOB, YOUR UNION provides you with advice, training and support from experienced organisers to help you take the first steps towards recruiting other members and having a union presence in your workplace.

From feeling isolated as the only union member in your workplace, to building a core of members into a team, and winning improvements to your terms and conditions of work, there will be someone on hand to help you out every step of the way.

The sort of things you might aim to win at first are:

  • Having your contracts issued
  • An improvement to your break facilities
  • Resolving a health and safety matter
  • Gaining clarity in your payslips


YOUR JOB, YOUR UNION will teach you some basic tried and tested organising methods.

YOUR JOB, YOUR UNION will be at your own pace and you will be totally in control.

YOUR JOB, YOUR UNION will be the start of making your place of work better for all.


Once you have had your first success there will be ongoing advice, training and support to help you to build your confidence and make further gains.


Please check out our YOUR JOB YOUR UNION video

If you are interested in finding out more 
about YOUR JOB YOUR UNION contact organising [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk and we will send you out a short introduction pack.


If you would like to join the IWW here is the online application form.