Support IWW member Jason, facing Trial on phony charges. Jason goes on Trial Monday July 20, starting at 9 am, at 4040 Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford, a short walk from the Wellington Orange Line MBTA Station. Please help pack the court! The bogus charges (for allegedly assaulting a cop), date from a November 2013 police attack on an IWW picket at Cambridge’s Insomnia Cookies, where workers joined the IWW and went on strike over denial of breaks and poverty pay.* Twenty months after being attacked by the cops, Jason finally gets his day in court July 20.

Also July 20 at 9 am, former Insomnia Cookies striker Jonathan faces a hearing on his own trumped-up charges, at Suffolk Superior Court, at Three Pemberton Square Boston. Jonathan recently spent 3 months in jail despite the police having absolutely no evidence that he was involved in alleged illegal activity by roommates. Despite no proof of any guilt, Jonathan was originally held on $100,000 bail!** You can also donate to help Jonathan here.

The cases of Jason and Jonathan have to be seen in the context of ongoing attacks by the State against activists and POC. Please help however you can!

*The strike was later settled with back pay and offers of re-employment for strikers.

**The IWW helped bail Jonthan out of jail after his bond was reduced.