We recently published a statement in solidarity with the workers taking industrial action in the Basque Country.

The Industrial Worker’s of the World welcome news this evening that the Huerta de Peralta workers in the Basque Country have successfully carried out a twenty-eight day unified strike action after the company bosses accepted their main demands.

Representatives of union LAB explains that the main demands achieved were the withdrawal of sanctions, readmission of sacked workers, payment of debt to workers created by the non-compliance by management to previous contract agreements and set up of a negotiating commission to reach further agreements.

The union has highlighted that this successful outcome has been possible thanks to the determination of all employees, the solidarity network formed mainly by women, and the solidarity received from many places including international solidarity from the IWW.

This successful industrial action further highlights the fact that this struggle has shown the importance of syndicalist organisation and unified solidarity in the fight against the bosses.

Solidarity forever!