The London IWW extends its fullest solidarity to the workers at the Ritzy
Cinema in Brixton and, in particular, their victimized reps. The Ritzy
staff, through their many strikes, have served as a beacon for the wider
London labour movement. The latest strike is on Saturday 1st July and also
extends to four other cinemas in the Picturehouse chain. Supporters not
already on the picket line will be heading to the Ritzy for a 4pm
demonstration demanding reinstatement of the sacked union reps.

For younger workers and those employed in precarious service sector jobs,
the Ritzy workers stand as an example of the type of organization and
solidarity needed to fight for both better working conditions and a fairer,
more just world. Given this, it is no surprise that Ritzy management are
seeking to undermine their union by sacking their reps. But we have the
fullest faith that Ritzy workers will stand strong. The London IWW is
contributing to their strike fund, and also offering on-the-ground
solidarity – we’ll be there on the 1st!


Reinstate the fired Ritzy reps! A living wage for all cinema workers!