We are sharing the following statement from IWW Cyprus, calling for solidarity action with our Fellow Workers at Anytime in Cyprus who have been fired for collective organising in a blatant act of union busting by the Anytime bosses.

The IWW Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England Regional Administration, including IWW Greece and all other affiliated IWW branches in Europe stand in solidarity with the Anytime workers!


Fellow workers we need your help! On Thursday 9/3, a Fellow Worker was fired without notice from the insurance company where she worked as a telephone trainer. The grounds for dismissal cited by the company range from blatant lies to actions that fall within the constitutional and legal rights of every employee to unionize.

The real reason for the dismissal is the fact that for more than a year now the call center has been in the process of collective organization, with the majority of the workers signing up a few months ago to the Pancyprian Trade Union of Employees in the Services of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PASEY-PEO). The actions of the workers, including their participation in the general strike for COLA, has forced the company to recognize their union and come to the negotiating table for a collective agreement.

The majority of the call center employees are on an indefinite strike since that day, and the IWW, among other actions, published the following call for solidarity (if you could follow the instructions and even share it it would mean a lot):

“Are you outraged by the indifference of Anytime by Interamerican, are you disgusted with the way this Greek company spits on the minimal labor rights and collective procedures we have in Cyprus? Feel the need to call them out, but the company’s call center is apparently down? Do you want to express your solidarity with the strike of the call center workers, but you can’t because you are also prisoners of your own work reality (i.e. you work during the hours of the strike gatherings)?

We the IWW have the solution for you! Send “I support the strike of the call center workers, recall the termination of the workers’ representative!” to motor [at] anytimeonline [dot] com [dot] cy, to complaint [at] anytimeonline [dot] com [dot] cy and to helpdesk [at] anytimeonline [dot] com [dot] cy, with the Subject “to the management of Anytime”.

Now you can support the strike from wherever you are, whether you’re enjoying a rainy sunset in the comfort of your sofa, or melting away at work to make your boss rich!

Solidarity Forever Fellow Workers!”

IWW Cyprus