The IWW’s Education Workers Industrial Union stands in solidarity with the rank and file UCU members now in their fourth week of strike action against devastating pension cuts to academic and academic-related staff in pre-92 UK universities. After a long and bitter fight, we recognise, like you do, that the proposal made by the ACAS-mediated negotiations are effectively an exercise in pulling the rug from under the strikers.

It is clear to us that it is in the utmost interest of the workers on strike that they continue to campaign for a total victory over the bullying and incompetent UUK and their chums in USS. And if UCU leaders do not like the will of the members, then the IWW will support the rank and file in defying their leadership. You have already overturned your negotiators’ deal and ensured that the Higher Education Committee rejects the proposals. Keep up the fight!

IWW members work in all industries, but hundreds of our members in the education sector are also UCU members, and members of other TUC unions – a practice we call ‘dual-carding’. We have stood shoulder to shoulder with you on picket lines across the UK, as UCU members, as IWW members, and as fellow workers.

Dual-carding is not a tactic of ‘poaching’ members or undermining the union organisation within a workplace; rather, it supports the creation of parallel grassroots networks of unionists, helping workers to organise effectively, support each other and motivate each other to find creative new ways of organising and building workers’ power within universities.

IWW dual-carders are aware of the need for unity, but unafraid to criticise and act independently of leadership where necessary. This is why the IWW is run entirely by the members, for its members and national officers have little or no power over the direction the union takes.

We welcome positive engagements with any rank and file member or rep who is interested in our dual-card approach, but equally, we will continue to support you in whatever way we can.

Wishing all UCU strikers a swift and total victory – the IWW stands with you, Solidarity is a weapon, not a word!


Are you a worker in the education sector?

Whether you are an educator, support worker, administrative worker or site staff please get in contact with our Education General Organiser at education [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk to learn more about what the IWW is doing in the education sector, connect with other members in education and access further resources and campaign materials.

Are you also a member of an existing education union (“dual-carder”)?

We want to hear from IWW members who are also doing work within the existing trade unions so we can build a network of mutual support for red-card holding Reps. Get in contact at education [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk