The IWW is proud to be supporting a group of security guards, contracted by G4S and employed by a number of subcontractors, in a dispute over unpaid wages dating back to the height of the pandemic.

The workers, who were employed as hotel security during the time when travellers had to quarantine for two weeks upon entry to the UK, allege that in late 2020 they went a number of months without payment.

The workers claim that initial promises that wages would be paid late quickly turned into a refusal to pay wages at all. Workers who raised concerns over the matter report that they were threatened and harassed.

Matters came to a head this month, however, when workers planned a mass rally and march to the headquarters of two of the subcontractors, KK Security and FM Ltd.

With media interest growing, the bosses reached out to the workers on the day before the planned protest. Bosses have promised the workers that all outstanding wages will be paid within a weeks’ time.

Abdul Manan, a security officer representing the workers in negotiations with management, praised the his workmates’ persistence and courage:

“We risked our lives during the pandemic. Instead of respecting this, our bosses left us out-of-pocket for our hard work. I’m so inspired to see my workmates come together to demand justice. I’m also thankful to the IWW for all the support they’ve given us.”

With a trusted party helping to facilitate negotiations, the workers called off last Friday’s protest.  But until the matter is settled, the workers remain ready to take action. Preparations are already underway for a mass demonstration on Monday August 14th if the workers haven’t been fully paid.

According to Tom Liebewitz, an officer of the London IWW,

“This is a testament to the dedication of these workers. Massive outsourcing companies like G4S raked in millions in government contracts during the pandemic. Yet, despite this, workers have had to fight just to be properly paid. We’ve got the back of these workers until every last penny is paid.”

For media enquiries related to the dispute, please contact london [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk