The London IWW sends its support and solidarity to two of our sister unions
in London, who are on strike over the next couple of weeks.

United Voices of the World cleaners at the London School of Economics are
moving on to the next stage of their campaign for equal rights with other
LSE staff. They are asking for parity on basic terms and conditions
including sick pay, annual leave allowance, pensions,
maternity/paternity/adoption leave pay. The dispute kicked off back in
March, when a two-day strike saw strong support from students, some
lecturers, women’s groups, trade union members and others. The London IWW
GMB donated to the UVW strike fund and some of us joined the picket line.
Now the cleaners have voted to strike for one day a week indefinitely until
they win their demands. The first of these days is Thursday 11th May
(6am-5pm). Full details here:

More recently another dispute started involving University of London
security officers belonging to the Independent Workers Union of Great
Britain (IWGB). They had a two-day strike in late April and are now
following up with another one on the 16th and 17th May. The workers are
demanding an end to zero hours contracts, implementation of a pay rise
promised to them six years ago, and the provision of proper pay slips.

IWW members will continue to support members of both of these grass-roots
unions. Hasta la victoria!