Another win for IWW Cymru!

Our caseworkers helped a fellow worker to get the pay they were owed from a reluctant, tight-fisted boss at a south-west Wales nail bar.

The fellow worker was placed on furlough in March and April but the boss failed to draw up a furlough agreement. This was the latest in a series of incompetent management measures on the part of the boss.

Unfortunately our fellow worker was made redundant at the end of July but with a promise of receiving July’s pay. The pay never came, while the boss made lame excuses and sent aggressive, guilt-tripping emails. Our fellow worker wasn’t the only employee left short but they were the only one in a union! With help and support from the union, our member was able to put pressure on the boss with a friendly reminder of the boss’ promises and responsibilities. With such encouragement the boss finally paid up!

Another positive result for IWW Cymru and another reminder that “an injury to one is an injury to all.” The IWW gets the goods!

Our Fellow Worker said…

“It was a really stressful time for me, not only losing my job but my ex boss made me feel guilty over the money I was owed. I felt anxious about what the outcome was going to be but with the help of the IWW on my side I was able to fight for my rights and get the outcome I deserved. I would always recommend joining a union. The support is incredible and they make you feel at ease, giving you options and advice. I truly am grateful and happy with the result that I wouldn’t of been able to accomplish alone. “