The bombing on 10th of October 2015 was directly against the Kurdish liberation movement, the working class and all oppositions who resist against the dictatorship.

This massacre is another ring of the chain that extends from Armenian genocide to Dersim massacre, from May Day’77 to Maras Massacre’78, from Sirnak Massacre’92 to Diyarbakir and Suruç bombings that happened within this year. All these massacres have targeted the people who ask for Freedom, Democracy and Justice on Anatolia over the last 100 years. The offender side has always been fascist party militants, religious fundamentalists and occasionally governmental commissioners themselves.

This is not a coincidence, a mistake, a weakness, and not the latest fragment of a distant past. Quakes of the capitalist economy agitate regional and global competitions. The games, the power struggle between the states are becoming more complicated, more frantic, more shocking. All the problems, issues that capitalist system generates or taking over without resolving such as religions, nation-state, regional competitions, environmental issues, racism, sexism etc.., explodes almost like a volcano. The latest massacre in Ankara is a significant quake that intrinsically represents the brutality of the system. Like an epidemic disease, it passes from one country to another, like an earthquake shaking the people.

The one and the only alternative to those enormous quakes, to growing massacres, to increasing oppression is the re-shaping of the world through wiping out the borders, the religious and ethnic prejudices by the hands of the working classes. Our murdered friends set out with these ideas and these ideas will be inherit from them to us.

We will never forget! We will never tyrannize but we’ll never forgive!

An injury to One is an injury to All!

15th October 2015
IWW Istanbul – IWW Greece