The London Branch of the IWW stands with workers at Deliveroo who are organising with the IWGB (Independent Workers Union of Great Britain). Gig economy work and casualisation are a way of bosses denying workers of their legal rights and subjecting them to precarity that makes organising risky. This means that workers are less likely to stand up for employee rights, secure work, and proper health and safety at work. It is through collective action, and material support that we provide one another that we find our power to make changes in the workplace.

This is why the London IWW had contributed £200 to the **Riders Roovolt **hardship fund. Having a hardship fund means that workers can feel more confident taking action against their employer. It also signals to everyone, bosses and workers, that we have each others’ backs. The branch also encourages any IWW members or supporters who can to make a donation too.

Over the past six months workers Bala Baya, a restaurant in Southwark organising with the IWW, have been taking part in a campaign to combat a litany of poor treatment from the hands of the bosses. Deliveroo Riders with the IWGB stood by these workers’ side, promoting a boycott of deliveries from this restaurant and showing up to picket actions. This is just one example of where radical unions across London have shown up to support for one another. Long may it continue.


IWW & IWGB Solidarity


Solidarity is not about repayment, but is about standing strong and providing mutual support. The contribution of the London IWW is a part of this mutual support.

Solidarity between workers is how we improve our lives.

That said, the gloves are off when it comes to the inter-union footy!