IWW Saramago Workers Union statement 21/04/2023

The Saramago Workers members of the IWW are aware that the CCA have made a decision to discontinue their business relationship with Saramago Cafe/Bar.

We had remained hopeful throughout the last five weeks that the owners of Saramago would sit down with us and come to a productive resolution. However, they consistently failed to do so and instead ignored us, refused to talk and actively misled us, the public and remaining workers. Had they engaged with our union this outcome could have been avoided.

We, the unionised workers in Saramago, were targeted for trying to address serious issues related to short-staffing, being over worked and underpaid.

All decisions were led by us but in our attempts to respectfully resolve this dispute we were met with stonewalling from the bosses at Saramago and their representatives.

This situation plainly shows Saramago bosses’ utter disregard for the livelihood and wellbeing of all their workers. Make no mistake, this is the doing of the owners and management of Saramago alone by choosing to act incredibly recklessly rather than engaging with their unionised workers.

It should be clear to all hospitality bosses and management that this is what happens to businesses that attempt to union bust and ignore the demands of their workers. It should also be clear to all workers that this is the strength we have when we get organised and act in solidarity with one another!

Whilst we are disappointed not to have our jobs reinstated we are glad to see a resolution to this dispute and appreciate that the CCA have taken the right stance against a union busting business. We are looking to continue productive communication with the CCA going forward and appreciate the solidarity shown by the CCA workers throughout this dispute.

There are IWW members still employed by Saramago and we will fight for a proper redundancy package for these members. We continue to stand in solidarity with all workers.

A massive thank you to everyone who has come down to our demos, supported our fundraisers, moved their events, shared our statements and otherwise shown support for us over the past 5 weeks.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

The IWW Saramago Workers Union and the IWW Clydeside Branch