On the 11th February 2018 the IWW Cymru welcomed its newest group of workplace representatives after they completed the required training to represent our members in the workplace should they have a grievance or be subject to disciplinary action.


Following an intensive course covering a range of topics including workers rights, ACAS guidelines on disciplinary and grievance procedures, and lots of role-play activities to give our new reps a taste of what it is like to represent a worker, our latest intake of reps graduated from our reps training program to join our Welsh casework team.


Every worker has the right to be accompanied into a grievance or disciplinary hearing by a colleague, a trained Union representative or official employed by a Trade Union, and it is their role to provide support, guidance and help put the workers case forwards to management to secure the best outcome for the worker.


Representing workers is a key part of our work as a fighting union, and with the newest bunch of reps added to the fold we have increased our ability to provide representation for our members across Wales, with the Cymru branch now able to boast that 10% of its membership is qualified to represent workers in the workplace!