We are proud and pleased to announce that the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have formed a Regional Organising Committee in Cyprus, as part of the Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England Regional Administration (WISE-RA) of the IWW!

In the trying times we’re enduring as the working class, it’s vital to foster communication and solidarity among those engaged in the struggle.

The IWW have been organising on the island since 2020, working hard to educate the multinational working class of the country about its collective rights and power, agitating about true workplace democracy and emancipation from wage slavery, and trying to cultivate strong relationships and ties of solidarity between fellow workers. Cyprus, a country which constitutionally recognizes five different ethnicity groups and three different religions, and whose small population of around 1.2 million inhabitants includes a large population of migrants both form the EU and third countries (around 1 in 5 people living on the island have been born abroad), is an ideal staging ground for the IWW, the principles it is based upon and ideals it advocates.

It is to those principles and ideals that we the members of IWW-CYROC are wholeheartedly committed, and invite every worker on the north and south of the island to join us and help the work along!

In Solidarity and for the One Big Union,

The Executive Board of the IWW-CYROC