As part of the TUC’s HEARTUNIONS week of action, IWW members in Cardiff braved the icy temperatures to join other unions in a show of solidarity with McDonalds workers efforts to have their union the BFAWU recognised by their employer.

This show of solidarity comes off the back of members in McDonalds historic first strike action in 2017 with stoppages in stores in Crayford and Cambridge winning workers across the UK increases to their pay! The BFAWU are fighting a great grassroots campaign, organising workers in stores across the country to fight, aiming to win their members recognition of the BFAWU in McDonalds along with an increase of pay to £10 per hour (you can read more about their campaigns here)!


In a time of increasing precarity for members of the working class, through the erosion of hard-won terms and conditions of employment, the ideological gutting of our public services and the attack on our communities through the imposition of the scandalous Universal Credit system, it is vitally important that unions of all colours come out to support each other in a show of solidarity.


The work that the BFAWU’s members have carried out, the local activism and dogged determination they have shown, has led them to achieve the first of what will no doubt be many victories.  The IWW with its proud history of grassroots organising, backed up by the power of the union to amplify workers voices, stands firm with the BFAWU and their members as a shining example of how determination, agitation and organisation gets the goods!


Only through consistent and sustained action in all of our places of work, encouraging workers to join the fight and building the strength of the working class through organisations built and run by us all can we turn the tide and build the new world in the shell of the old.


We salute the activity of the BFAWU, and to all precarious workers across hospitality and all sectors of industry, let us stand firm, work together in solidarity and fight back!