As a union committed to ensuring safe and fair workplaces for all, to learn that a member of the public was forcibly ejected from a BrewDog bar, simply for being in possession of one of our leaflets, was shocking.

BrewDog workers are free to unionise, and indeed BrewDog cannot legally discriminate against workers who choose to join a union. Whilst BrewDog are free to eject patrons, to eject a patron on the basis of their beliefs (whether held or simply by virtue of being in possession of a leaflet) is a concerning development. BrewDog workers will see this, and the implication will be that they will be punished similarly, simply for exercising their right to join a union, or considering union membership.

This tacit union busting is the antithesis of the punk ethos that BrewDog claim to possess, and workers must be reminded of their right to join a union or remain a member of a union of their choosing.  Both the IWW and Unite unions represent BrewDog workers, and remain steadfast in their mission to continue to act on their behalf whenever the need arises.

BrewDog have demonstrated that by refusing entry to a member of the public carrying a leaftlet that they have not learned from past mistakes, are unwilling to listen to their workers and will actively try to prevent them from exercising their rights, again through fear.

The IWW welcomes all workers to organise in the workplace and provide solidarity to all fellow workers.


Brewery workers can get in touch at breweryworkers [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk.

For workers based in London, contact london [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk.

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