30 CLEANERS are facing redundancy at White and Case LLP. A few weeks ago a ‘consultation’ period was initiated by cleaning contractor Mitie. They are seeking significant reductions in the cleaning staff at a time when the workload has increased. Mitie are claiming that their new structure will improve service delivery and staff loyalty.

So why are Mitie really reducing staff levels?

Their new business plan has nothing to do with improving service delivery and staff loyalty. It has everything to do with profiteering from fewer members of their cleaning staff and the increased workloads the remaining staff will have to take on.

Have any cleaners been sacked?

Yes a long serving and loyal employee, was dismissed from her job a few weeks ago. Mitie claim that it was her conduct that got her fired. However, she has never had any complaints from Mitie’s client, White and Case LLP, and has been praised for the quality of her work regularly by White and Case LLP. The real reason for the sacking is that she was a shop steward for her trade union, Industrial Workers of the World, and that she was actively seeking to unionise her workmates.
Please send a message to Mitie management that this is not acceptable and to demand:

  1. Immediate reinstatement of the sacked cleaner.
  2. NO loss of jobs for cleaners at White and Case LLP.
  3. Victimising staff with trade union membership stops.

Please email White & Case LLP at www.whitecase.com. Please share.