What: Picket of the Draper’s Guild

Where: https://goo.gl/maps/S4IG2

When: Monday 2nd March 2015

                  Wave 1: 4:30 – 6:30

                  Wave 2: 6:30 – 8:30

On Monday the 2nd of March, workers from the Leicester Square School of English will be picketing an inter-guild bridge tournament being hosted at the prestigious Drapers’ Hall.

The workers have been targeting the Drapers’ for over a month now. This is because one of their members, Craig Tallents, stole thousands of pounds in wages from his staff when he closed down the Leicester Square School of English over the Christmas holidays. Their campaign has already caused Tallents to resign as governor from the Bancroft’s School, a position he’d attained through the nomination of the Drapers’.

Our message to the Drapers’ is a simple oneHave you no heart? You can’t claim to be a charitable club if you allow your members to steal thousands of pounds from their staff. We’re calling a spade a spade and if Craig won’t sit down to discuss a resolution, we’re afraid this won’t be the last you’ll be hearing from us. Our will to win, like a fine diamond, will shine through in the end.

As for Craig, you should know by now that we’re not bluffing. We’ll keep raising the stakes until you fold. Because until you pay up, all bets are off.


Workers at the Leicester Square School of English have been in a battle with their wage-stealing boss, Craig Tallents, for over two months now.

Over the Christmas holidays, Tallents, the owner of the Leicester Square School of English, permanently shut down the school without informing staff or students. Staff are owed thousands of pounds in unpaid wages resulting from illegal contracts, lack of notice and holiday pay, and illegal denial of paternity pay.

As part of the campaign to date, workers have occupied the unused school building, caused Tallents to take down the website of his company, Asparagus Management Consulting, and held a rowdy picket in Leicester Square.

This will be the second picket outside the grandiose Drapers’ Hall. At the first picket, the Drapers’ took the decision to close and lock the gates on either side of the privately owned Throgmorton Avenue, leaving protesters barred inside until the police arrived.


Action organised and supported by:

The Industrial Workers of the World: www.iww.org.uk

The Angry Language Brigade: http://libcom.org/blog/angry-language-brigade