The London IWW General Membership Branch wishes to express its full solidarity with the rank and file members of PCS as they take industrial action in the ongoing national dispute led by their union.

Today PCS members across the country took part in industrial action over pay, pensions, job cuts as well as terms and conditions.  The strike was well observed and included a rally opposite Parliament at lunchtime during the Budget speech. One of our own members is an IWW – PCS dual carder. At his own workplace, he and his striking fellow workers cut the work by 90% today and this seems a figure repeated in other areas.


PCS have already announced a half day strike from 1pm on 5th April unless the employer changes course. Our IWW-PCS dualcarding member reports that, at this point, it seems unlikely that the employer will change course. He underlines that the workers are committed to picketing again on Friday 5TH April if there is no progress in meeting their demands. 

Following 5th April PCS will start a rolling programme of action in specific areas and workplaces, with strikes roving from one employer to the next and an overtime ban across the civil service until June.   

London IWW once again affirms that it stands in full solidarity with today’s PCS strikers as well as with their strike planned on Friday 5 April and all further actions. We furthermore encourage IWW members and all sympathisers beyond the IWW to support any of the PCS members’ pickets on April 5th.

London IWW General Membership Branch