Come and stand in solidarity for the IWW cleaners at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). 


This Friday, 29 June, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM, Royal Bank of Canada, Thames Court, 1 Queenhithe, London, EC4V 3DQ (click for Google Map)

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They are protesting against:

1) Redundancies! 

Those that remain will be expected to cover all the extra work in no extra time and for no extra money. There is no reason given for the redundancies by Emprise, the contract cleaning company to which RBC has out sourced its services, other than saying that it has been a “long standing client request”. 

2) The steady increase over the past several months in the intensity of the cleaner’s workload.

For example, what was previously done by 5 people working three hour shifts is now done by 1 mature lady in only 1 3 hour shift (a reduction of 4 people and 12 hours for the same amount of work!) She has collapsed before from stress and fatigue. 

3) Sexual harassment!! 

One woman has been repeatedly followed into the female toilets by her supervisor, touched up and reduced to shell of her former self. Her colleagues have often found her lying in the corner of the toilets, shaking and in floods of tears. She lodged a formal complaint; Emprise carried out a sham of an “investigation” and found no wrong doing. 

4) In general, any complaint the cleaners make is met with severe intimidation from management. 

5) To top it off, they are not even paid the London Living Wage of £8.30 per hour, although they were promised this back in February. 

Come and support the cleaners in the struggle for justice!