1st May 2012 – We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) are angered to learn of the targeting and dismissal of Fellow Worker Nick Dreidger for his support and participation in Working class activism.

We commend FW Nick for his work in forcing the CPC to recognise health and safety rights for Workers. We also applaud his support for other Working class causes such as the protest at high tuition fees by students and activists of Edmonton and Alberta, for which he is now being witch hunted by CPC in an attempt to weaken Workers resolve.
We believe in true democracy with the rights to freedom of expression and association for all, not just for the employing class for whom the Working class have nothing in common.
We insist that Nick Dreidger is re-instated immediately as a full time mail service courier without any harm to his seniority or reprisals for his Union activities, with an apology from CPC for their draconian behaviour.
As a world wide Union the IWW will be discussing a Solidarity campaign with the CUPW and offering our full support in any which way we can
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer