Mar 26 2012 – this is a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook about the abuses in Apple’s supply chain

Dear Mr Cook,
We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) are writing to you to call for an immediate end to the labour abuses in the Apple supply chain.
We are angered to learn of Apple’s large profit margin whilst the Workers at their suppliers such as Foxconn receive wages that are so low that they can only support their families through working over the maximum legal limit of overtime.

These suppliers are implementing work practices that fly in the face of all labour laws, such as eliminating any subsidies, punishing Workers who fail to show up for overtime shifts or skip meals to reach factory production targets by stopping their overtime for a month, leaving them to live on there meagre basic salary.
We are angered to learn of the mistreatment and abuse of the educational system with students who are made to work at Foxconn for between three to twelve months or face the threat of being forced out of school despite the fact that this type of work clearly does not help them with their academic studies.
There is also the shocking news of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the production of iPhones which contravenes all health and safety laws and has resulted in Workers being hospitalised for more than nine months.
The fact that some of these Workers were not even told they were working with hazardous chemicals belies belief.
None of these things seem to be given too much of an in depth investigation in Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Report showing a clear lack of concern for the Workers who make your profits what they are today.
We stand in Solidarity with Unions and Activists world wide in their condemnation of Apples labour abuses in its supply chain and will be publicizing this fact at every given opportunity until:
1, Provide a living wage for all Workers so they do not have to work excessive overtime
2, end the use of involuntary labour that occurs through the Student intern program
3, Conduct labour rights training for Workers including health and safety
4, Recognise the formation of a genuine Workers run Union
5, Compensate victims of non-compliance with the Apple code of conduct
We look forward to hearing of an end to these human rights abuses so that you may try and give Apple a better name and image amongst Workers around the world
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer