26 March 2012 – This is a letter of support for Drivers at the Tom Cat Bakery in Queens who are being abused by management there.

We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stand in Solidarity with the drivers at the Tom Cat Bakery in Queens.
We as a multi national world wide Union are angered to learn of the disrespect being shown by management, especially Walter Knox, distribution manager, at the Top Cat Bakery towards its mainly Immigrant workforce.
Freedom of association and expression should be given rights without fear of intimidation, arbitrary cutting of hours and retaliation from managers or any other representatives of a company.
The IWW have been involved in many organising drives within the food industry such as Starbucks, Jimmy Johns and Pizza Hut to name a few and have managed to achieve some victories in this field through Workers self organisation and would appreciate being kept informed of developments so as  to offer our full support in any way we can.
Wishing you all strength and victory in your struggle,
For Workers Solidarity,
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer