March 25th 2012 – This is a letter to the Municipal Enterprises of Cali (EMCALI) who have fired 51 Workers for belonging to a Union.

We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) are angered to learn of the dismissal of 51 Workers due to their membership of the SINTRAEMCALI Trade Union which is a flagrant attack on Labour laws and the Working Class in general.

We insist that you re-instate these Workers immediately without any repercussions, death threats, killings and other intimidation that the corrupt government of Columbia has so far turned a blind eye to in order to keep their capitalist friends from ousting them out of power.
We stand in Solidarity with the Workers in SINTRAEMCALI as well as all struggles by Workers to fight against neo-liberal capitalist regimes such as the one in Columbia who ignore their own laws, made by their own courts when it suits and who seem to see no wrong in killing their own people.
As usual true democracy is suppressed to appease the bourgeoisie business class and its puppets, the government in its mad race for profits over people.
Hopefully we will hear of some positive news about the re-instatement of these Workers with no more discrimination or victimisation of Workers in Columbia.
Andy Smith. International Solidarity Liaison Officer