Workers have been locked out for three months because of a labour dispute at Acadian Coach Lines a subsidiary of French multinational Keolis.

We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) condemn the corporate greed of Acadian Coach Lines Canada.

Due to an insulting contract being presented to the workforce at Acadian , a subsidiary of French multinational Keolis,  a contract  that was rejected by 88% of Workers, management there have decided on a lockout to try and force through there demands.

We as a world wide Union stand in Solidarity with the Workers at Acadian, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), French transportation Unions in CGT,CFDT and FO federations in their condemnation of this draconian behaviour which is enduring unnecessary hardship not only on Workers but on members of the general public who now have no bus service in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, a bus service which some people rely upon.

The rejection of all proposals made by the ITF to return to the negotiating table by Acadian belies belief, shows a disregard for the welfare of its workforce and goes some way to proving that like all corporations they care more about profits and greed than people.

We believe that the employing class and the Working class have nothing in common and look forward to a time of Workers self rule with more emphasis on each other than on rampant greed but in the mean time we insist Acadian return to the negotiating table to end this dispute quickly without anymore retaliation,intimidation or persecution of Workers. 

Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer