London, 16/02/2012 -IWW Cleaners and Allied Trades | Once again vindicating the IWW mottos – “An Injury to One is an Injury to All” and “Don’t Mourn – Organise!” – the Fighting Industrial Workers of the World Cleaners and Allied Trades Union today gained yet another victory notch on their belt against unscrupulous bosses! Not ones to passively accept injustice, after their unfair sacking for organising a union, the Cleaners of NTT Communications stood up and confronted the management of cleaning services contractor Dynamiq for this unacceptable act of union-busting. Through the IWW Cleaners’ Union’s negotiations with Dynamiq management, the NTT Cleaners today obtained their reinstatement as a workforce onto a single worksite, and payment of the London Living Wage. The demonstration planned for Friday 17 February has thus been CANCELLED for cause of VICTORY!!

Dynamiq Cleaning and Program Management Ltd kicked out an entire workforce who had been at NTT for years – why? Because they joined a union and stood up for their rights in the face of bullying and intimidation.

Following today’s negotiations with the cleaning contractor Dynamiq, who cover the contract for NTT, the Workers, with the IWW Cleaners Union’s representation, secured an agreement which puts all the workforce in one site and provides full-payment of the London Living Wage.

As a result the IWW Cleaners Branch and London Delegates Committee has cancelled the demonstration called for Tomorrow at Devon house. We thank all trade unionists and fellow workers for their solidarity and support.