Dear Fellow Workers, 


Today the IWW join with you comrades to greet you as new members of the Workers Initiative, Poland. 


We would like to commend you for your courage and strength in taking up the fight against the employers at Chung Hong Electronics near Wroclaw for their draconian anti working class behaviour which cannot be justified as it violates basic democratic rights and fly’s in the face of all labour laws. 


We have had the good fortune to meet some of the activists involved in the Workers Initiative, Poland when they were kind enough to visit us and give a talk on some of their actions at that time and welcome all new members of this group who are an Inspiration to us all in our fight to be rid of capitalism. 


We pledge our Solidarity with the Workers Initiative’s struggles and support your calls for the creation of an ‘occupational safety and health council’, a meeting room for Union activities and for your efforts in grass roots organising. 


Currently we have no one in IWW (BIRA) connected to LG but we would like to offer our full support in any way which may be of help to you and ask that you keep us informed on any actions you wish to be publicised amongst IWW members. We wish you all strength and victory in your struggle. 


For Workers Solidarity, 

Andy Smith, IWW BIRA International Solidarity Liaison Officer