The Construction Workers Organising Committee (CWOC) of the IWW in North America has been growing in numbers and activity in recent months. The IWW has a long history in the construction industry in the USA, and IWW members built many of the roads, railways and buildings that ow adorn the landscape there. New efforts have sprung up in the industry, and just like on the British Isles, IWW construction workers agitate for strong industrial unionism, workers’ control of jobs and respect and dignity in work.

One of their newest efforts is a new website dedicated to IWW news and views in the construction industry. Although it is currently a work in progress, it is already chock-full of interesting articles, discussions and ideas for organising on the job. The CWOC encourages construction workers to take a look, and IWW members who would like to submit articles for publication are very welcome.

You can find information on why the IWW is the right union for workers in the UK construction industry here.