please find attached a poster made by Bristol IWW.  in a nutshell it sprung from the last meeting, where we decided on practical support for our comrades in the postal service, and the CWU.  the poster is made up of 2/3’s with a brief synopsis of the struggle in the postal serivce, what privitisation has done for us, and the ability of the IWW to work right across our class specttrum without restrictions of the craft unions.  the bottow 1/3 is for people to tear off and stick over their letter boxes on strike day.  this will stop scab mail, as they are not allowed to fuck about with your letter box, and if they do moan, a lot. 

i have never attached files using this site before, so if i muck it up please email

bristoliww [at] riseup [dot] net and we will send on a pdf/ word copy.  pleaase feel free to change amend or whatever, it is owned by our class, but keep the IWW bit obviously.  we are going to hand deliver it in bristol, lets hope it helps

in solidarity