IWW members working on the Stratford City development site of the Olympic construction site have produced a report into health and safety failings by employers on the site. Malpractice is widespread, with accidents regularly not reported, insufficient signage and unprotected deep excavations as just some of the problems faced by workers. Moreover, bosses and police regularly use intimidation and harrassment to ensure that workers do not fight back.

Tony Innes, London branch secretary, stated “The ODA [Olympic Delivery Authority] claims that it is a wonderful employer, but because of the system of subcontracting out to dodgy employers, workers’ lives are being put at risk.” He added “it shows how dedicated, skilled and watchful these workers are when faced with such conditions. Workers deserve to work in conditions dictated by their needs, not by what employers think they can get away with.”

Workers are beginning to fight back. See how the IWW can help you do this: www.iww.org.uk/buildingconstruct

The report is downloadable from this website as a PDF document for members. Non-members can download the report from London Indymedia: http://london.indymedia.org.uk/articles/1673