Striking Deliveroo workers holding banners with IWWGB in centre

Meeting of the London IWW Cleaners and Allied Industries Branch

5pm – 6pm, Saturday October 29th

Anarchist Bookfair

Venue: Park View School
West Green Road, London, N15 3QR

Anarchist Book fair

Room DG5

Main Building

Ground Floor

Description: London 2016 has been the site for a hot wave of strikes, pickets and protests organised by precarious and heavily exploited workers in the service sector. From the longest strike ever in the City of London at 100 Wood Street, organised by cleaners in the United Voices of the World Union, to wildcat strikes spontaneously organised by Deliveroo drivers and driven forward by the IWGB Courier & Logistics Branch, to widely publicised national protests at Byron Burger restaurants organised, with other groups, by the Industrial Workers of the World.  Most of these actions have been organised or facilitated by radical independent unions, that have been built from scratch or have emerged from obscurity over the past decade, who are not afraid to use or support effective “syndicalist” methods to beat bosses. Come and hear the story from the workers involved and share your own stories.