As the 3rd in our series Radical Design for Action,

The IWW Workers’ School hosts the Propagate Collective:

Tuesday 30th May

88 Fleet Street
London EC4Y 1DH
United Kingdom

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Propagate Collective intends to work with, and alongside to, the diversity of struggles that include, but are not limited to, housing justice, migrants rights, anti-cuts and anti-austerity policies, workers rights, equality, and LGTB rights.

Our aim is to stimulate and contribute to collective action to reclaim our city. We know that when we share ideas, passion, resources and knowledge we produce collective intelligence that make us stronger and more visible.

We do so by participatory and collective reflection and action, and by organizing and producing: Workshops / Visuals (poster campaigns, stickers, banners, props, etc…)

Please do get in touch if your group, space or network has any idea for a visual campaign. You can contact us via tumblr, twitter or email at propagate[at]aktivix[dot]org

Let’s Propagate, and lets take back our city!”


This event is free, but please help by booking in advance:

Propagate Collective presentation for the IWW