Workshops and Open Industrial Strategy Meeting

for all London based members of the Industrial Workers of the World

Saturday 8th October 2016

10am to 5pm

Marchmont Community Centre 

 62 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AB


Structure and Timetable

(This is a provisional timetable and is liable to be changed)

Morning Workshops

9:30 am: Breakfast/registration
10:00 am: Introductory organiser/workplace reps running concurrently with other workshops organised by volunteers?
12:00 pm: TBC
13:00 pm:  Lunch break

Afternoon Strategy Session

 14:00 pm: Introductions, 15-20min history of organising and campaigns in the London regional area followed by one and half hour discussion of topics  submitted by Fellow Workers,
e.g. current political environment, state of organising, future campaigns e.t.c.
16:00 pm: Fellow Workers break up into groups based on their industry with a view to doing the following:
a) Setting up a list of Fellow Workers in their industry.
b) Appointing a contact person responsible for looking after the list and keeping Fellow Workers informed of developments in their industry and organising meetings.
c) Discuss common issues in their industry with a view to organising regular meetups or just making a general industrial leaflet to distribute if there aren’t enough Fellow Workers to do more.
16:30 pm: summing up of day and future proposals.
17:00 pm: Close
We are looking forward to socialising after the event, details to be confirmed.