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7:00 pm Wednesday March 8th

May Day Rooms,

88 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1DH London

Join London IWW GMB and Feminist Fightback to celebrate International Women’s Day with a film screening, discussion and some food and drink. We’ll be talking about the past, present and future of women in the labour movement – on strike at work and in the home.

Talk – Laura Schwartz from Feminist Fightback on the history of International Women’s Day and the role of migrant womens’ struggles.

Screening of ‘Norma Rae’ – A 1979 American drama about a factory worker from a small town in North Carolina who becomes involved in the labor union activities at the textile factory where she works after the health of her and her co-workers is compromised.


On the background and potential of actions like One Day Without Us, Strike for Repeal, and the women’s strike in Poland last year.