The Industrial Workers of the World stand in solidarity with XR climate activists and welcome their use of direct action to press for action to tackle climate change. It is imperative that the agenda for our future is taken from the hands of politicians and big business whose vested interests have brought us to the verge of extinction.

The IWW was founded with the aim of ridding the world of capitalism and our constitution commits us to creating a new world where we live in harmony with our planet. The IWW will work to raise the support for climate change action within the trade union and broader labour movement arguing for an end to the cycle of expanding fossil fuel-based economies and a shift to a renewable/plant-based economy based on social need rather than wasteful consumerism. Ecology must come before economy.

The catastrophe that capitalism has brought us to must serve as a catalyst for a transformation in the global community. We can not only halt the rising global temperature we can reverse global warming and create a world that preserves the natural balance necessary for all life on earth to thrive.

The working class and the ruling class have nothing in common. This is clearer than ever as the ruling class continue to pursue profit regardless of the cost; continuing to promote warfare, other environmental destruction, and the impoverishment of people and ecosystems throughout the world. As workers, we see the fruits of our labour put towards destruction.

We must build a strong new movement and the actions of climate activists are a welcomed part of that. It is essential we use the power we hold in our lives and workplaces to stop and reverse this destruction. Direct action gets results.