Hi Fellow Worker,

We’re doing a survey of our Women members to determine how well we currently engage our members and find out if there are any barriers that affect their participation in the IWW as their union. To help us better represent and engage with our members, as well as understand the challenges they face, we’d greatly appreciate if you could help us by answering these questions:

IWW Women Members' Questionnaire
Your experience and activity in the IWW
To better understand our membership, and to help us with growing your union, as well as engaging our existing membership, the following questions relate to your experience and activity with the IWW as your union. We’re really keen to hear your honest opinion about your experiences in and with your union.
Would you recommend your union?
In the IWW we want as many members as possible to be involved in recruiting and organising for their union – we are a member led union that relies on our members to help us grow, taking on bigger and more important fights, and getting a better deal for our members, colleagues, friends and family. The following questions relate to whether you’d recommend your union to people you know.