Hi Fellow Worker,

We are writing to you from the Equalities Committee for the Ireland branch. We are doing this survey of our Ireland branch members to determine how well we currently engage with you as IWW members. This is to find out if there are any barriers that affect your participation in the IWW as your union, so that we may find ways to make the union more accessible to you.

We would greatly appreciate if you could help us by answering these survey questions. This survey is addressed to all our members. We'd particularly like to use this survey to reach out to women and non-binary (trans inclusive) Fellow Workers, to persons of colour or ethnic minority Fellow Workers, and Fellow Workers with disabilities or accessibility issues. These categories of IWW members are still under-represented at union meetings and hence, decision making processes and actions.

Likewise, any FW who may experience difficulties in accessing meetings, actions, etc. can raise it with their local/nearest branch contacts: Belfast Branch (click here), Cork Branch (click here), Derry Branch (click here), Dublin Branch (click here), Galway Branch (click here) or with the Ireland IWW Equalities Committee (click here)

We also encourage you to read the union's Access Policy (click here) and Safer Spaces policy (click here), so you can help ensure that no-one is left behind. Solidarity will always be our best ally.

Do chomrádaithe. In solidarity,

Julia and Emma

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The union runs regular training workshops for members in order for each member to be skilled in workplace organising. At the moment these are online due to Covid-19 limitations.