This form is for NARA members who want to request an IWW WISE-RA Data Processor Agreement form to sign, so that they can become an Interwob Administrator or Moderator (including sub-forum moderators).

Interwob admins and mods are able to access and process sensitive personal data. As Interwob's data is held on servers owned by WISE-RA and situated within the UK and European Economic Area, it is the IWW WISE-RA's responsibility to safeguard that personal data and make sure it is processed in compliance with UK and European Union Data Protection laws. This is why you are required to sign a Data Processor Agreement before you can be given access as an admin or mod. Once you gain access, you must handle Interwob data in compliance with IWW WISE-RA Data Protection/Privacy, Data Security and Operational Security Policies.

The DPA form is a personally customised online form accessed via a custom link. In order for you to receive that link to your DPA form, you first need to submit some details via this form. Once you submit the details, the system will automatically send you an email with the link to the DPA form.

By filling and submitting this form, you understand and agree that your personal data will be processed on the lawful basis of the IWW WISE-RA’s legitimate interests, according to the IWW WISE-RA Privacy and Data Protection Policy, for the purposes of administering the Interwob Forum.

The section below titled 'How We Use Your Information' contains a summary of our Privacy Policy. It links to our full Privacy Policy and provides information for contacting our Data Protection Officer. It is collapsed by default. Please click on the title of that section - 'How We Use Your Information' - to expand that section.


Please enter your details into the fields below, then click on the 'Submit' button. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields and need to be filled in order for your to submit the form.

If after clicking 'Submit' you are taken to a new blank page with a login popup prompting you to sign-in with a username and password, this means you filled the membership number field incorrectly. In this case, navigate back to the form on the previous page and make sure you fill all the fields correctly. If you submit the form correctly it should bring you to a confirmation page thanking you for submitting your DPA request.

Please enter your Interwob username (the one users need to type with an @ before it when they mention/tag you in a post), not the display name that you may have set.
Please select one of the following options to indicate your primary role on Interwob, for which you need to sign the DPA. If you are going to hold multiple roles, please select the one that appears first in the list as your primary role.
Please select one of the following options if you also have another, secondary role on Interwob (e.g., you're a branch sub-forum moderator as well as a committee sub-forum moderator). You can leave this part blank if you only have a single admin or moderator role which you've already indicated above.
If you will be a sub-forum moderator, please provide the names of all the sub-forums you will be moderating, separated by commas. If you are going to be a general Moderator for the whole NARA section and shared general discussion sections, please enter 'General Moderator'. If you are going to be an Interwob Administrator, please enter 'Administrator'.