Hi Comrades,

The NEU district secretaries for Southwark, Freddy and Betty, are meeting their Local Authority on Thursday to demand that no school in the borough reopens from June 1. They are using Newham, Liverpool, Brighton, etc as a model. These union groups achieved this because because reps and their members emailed the local mayor en masse. This forced their hand. Could you send this template to the Southwark mayor, Sandra Rhule? Her email is sandra.rhule [at] southwark [dot] gov [dot] uk.

“Dear Sandra,

As a concerned community member, I am extremely concerned about the prospect of returning to work on June 1st. Please follow the lead of Newham, Liverpool, Brighton, etc by not opening Southwark schools until it is safe. The only way this can be guaranteed if if the 5 NEU tests have been satisfied. You can guarantee the safety of our students, their family, and our colleagues.

Yours Sincerely,


Please encourage everyone to do this! If we can get 100 people to do it they’ll notice, 500 and they won’t be able to ignore it!

Solidarity ✊✊✊✊✊