It is with great sadness that we received the news of the passing of Fellow Worker Terry Liddle (1948-2012) on 15 November 2012, at the age of 64. Terry was an untiring and dedicated long-time member of the wider movement and his passing is a sad loss to our cause. We in the IWW European Regional Administration wish to express our sadness at the loss of Fellow Worker Liddle, and extend our condolences and sympathies to Terry’s family, friends, and comrades.

A moving tribute to Terry has been published here:

A poem written by Fellow Worker Terry:

“Comrades when I’m dead and gone, no more than dust on the breeze

I beg you grant me one last wish, comrades do this for me please
Raise a glass of the blood red wine or a mug of the barley brew
Bid farewell to your comrade, one of the foolish few
Who thought we could rearrange the world, dreamed we could make all things new.”

FW Terry, we Wobblies who share and admire your brand of ‘foolishness’ lift our glasses and mugs in your honour and memory!